We go very fast these days – much faster than the human body was designed to go.

Cars, trains and aeroplanes take us out of the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Extended use of the Internet means that our attention is out in cyberspace for hours on end.

We eat ‘fast’ often sugary food that stimulates our nervous system and destabilises our endocrine system. The typical modern Western diet either spaces us out and switches us off, or has our minds buzzing anxiously and uncomfortably for hours on end.

The good news is that there are a range of quick, easy-to-implement grounding techniques that can be surprisingly effective ‘when you feel anxious, stressed, unfocused or spread too thin.

Grounding can be as simple as mentally and energetically coming present by taking two or three focused breathes.

You can easily improve your inner and outer sense of stability by using physical alignment principles alongside visualisations and directed energy techniques.

Even more simply, you can just directly ‘connect’. Sitting on a grassy mound for five minutes, or placing your head on the floor in your living room can switch off frantic thinking, regulate out-of-control emotions, and either calm you down, or give you more energy, depending on what you need most. More esoterically, listening to bird song can put you in a state of soulful presence there are no words to describe.

You do though, have to give the idea of grounding serious thought, and approach it very consciously and proactively.

If you are not super clear, ever more, faster, and, ultimately, meaningless activities stand a good chance of taking over your life. The fairytale called the Girl With Red Shoes comes to mind. Energies out of her control span her ever more wildly in frenetic circles that had no discernible end. Unfortunately, the inner states evoked in that 19th Century cautionary tale are understood all too well by a significant number of us today.

To avoid her horrible fate, you need to be pragmatic, plan your approach, and then actually practise coming back to Earth – often. Between 30 second and five minutes is usually all you will need, but on a regular basis. This can help counteract the opposite trends that run our society today.

If you would like to learn a range of easy to use grounding techniques from the Yoga and Meditation traditions, consider attending a yoga or meditation class.

The techniques you learn really do increase your vitality, and help you re-balance, re-energize and restore your sense of wholeness, aliveness and sanity.

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