Back in about 2006, I noticed that by listening inside of me, there seemed to be an inner voice, that at first talked very simply.

For example, for a long time, it repeated the word “Culture, Culture, Culture”, over and over again, until a few months later, I decided to take notice and began to be more interested in ‘Culture’ and the effects that living in our culture was having on me/us/the world.

Before this, the effects of culture were of course (and still are) very unconscious, due to the fact that we are born into its water, and are part of it from our very inception.

However, the body is ‘Nature’ and it is an information source all of its own – not necessarily beyond culture, but, certainly more connected to our ‘original’ nature in a very direct way, than we can usually sense or know.

Seems, that by listening inside more, we can to some extent anyway, become aware of and detach from some of Culture’s more insidious conditioning…