Meet The Teachers

Rachel Lightbird


My name is Rachel Lightbird. I have been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and have trained with some of the world’s leading teachers including John Friend, Patthabi Jois, Shiva Rea, and more.

In 2003 I opened up Aberdeen’s first yoga studio, which was voted ‘most enjoyable exercise experience in town’ by the local newspaper.

I am qualified to teach Astanga, Anusara, Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for kids, Pilates and Meditation

If you don’t know a lot about the different types of yoga don’t worry. It’s just some are faster and stronger and some slower with more rests in between postures.

Hannah Downing


Hello! My name is Hannah Downing. I began practicing yoga in my late teens as a way to build strength, flexibility and balance. I instantly fell in love with the physical side of yoga. However over the years, and via the guidance and wisdom of many skilled teachers and my own curiosity, my practice had evolved considerably. Yoga inspires me to live every moment more mindfully. It brings me calmness and clarity to moments in life that would have previously brought me stress. Yoga has made me strong, flexible and fearless both on and off the mat.

I completed my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 alongside finishing my final year of University (Thank goodness for those stress relief techniques!) Since then I have been teaching in studios in Lancaster and Ulverston. I have also completed a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with the fabulous Bernie Clark and Diana Batts.

Within my classes I like to combine fun sequences and inspiring themes in a calming and welcoming space – with the hope that you will leave the mat nourished, refreshed and relaxed!

Trish Hamilton


My name is Trish Hamilton and I have been practicing Yoga on and off since my teens.  In more recent years I began practicing on a regular basis and this is when Yoga really clicked for me.   Whilst practicing Yoga breathing techniques alongside postures, I began to really feel more of a connection between my mind and my body.

 I couldn’t wait for my Yoga classes and found myself practicing more and more at home.  I loved the wonderful feeling of contentment and peace that I found during and after Yoga.  It was then that I decided that I would really like to share this experience with more people and teach Yoga. 

 I studied a Hatha Yoga teaching course with the British School of Yoga and qualified with a distinction in March 2019.  My teaching style is continually evolving to include many different Yoga styles such as Vinyasa flow and restorative (Yin) Yoga. 

 I enjoy putting together sequences that concentrate on specific areas such as the hips or a sequence to help, build core strength and detox.

 I am currently teaching at four venues per week in the Barrow area and teach a wide range of students with different Yoga experience and abilities.

 Yoga can have many health benefits, it can help to give you a stronger more supple body with improved balance.  The whole body benefits as the connective tissue surrounding the muscle and the organs are stretched too.

 My aim is to help students nurture their bodies in a safe, non-competitive environment that will help them to reconnect their mind with their body and provide them with an oasis of calm in this hectic world.