Benefits of Pilates


The mind, when housed in a beautiful body, possesses a glorious sense of power 

Josef Pilates

1. Great for abs and core strength

Pilates works you core muscles, which is great for your lower back, abdomen, hip and pelvic muscles.

2. Good workout for entire body

Pilates is also a full body workout. The routine is designed to work every muscle evenly, leaving no area overdeveloped or underdeveloped, which in turn, supports your flexibility.

3. Helps with back pain

Many people have seen their back pain gradually disappear after practising Pilates. This does not happen with everyone, so consult your teacher and doctor, to get more help and feedback.

4. Improves posture

Poor posture can be caused by our sedentary lifestyle, for example, sitting at desks all day. Pilates helps strengthen underdeveloped muscles, which, in turn, gets rid of bad posture.

5. Places no pressure on knees/joints

Pilates is based on slow and controlled movement, so there is minimal impact on your joints.

6. Benefits everyone

Young or old, fit or out of shape, flexible or not, Pilates benefits everyone.

7. Improves focus/ concentration

 Pilates uses concentration, focus and meditation throughout, which increases your attention span, and clears the mind.


8. Creates a healthy body/mind relationship

Pilates focuses you on your body, full breathing, and how breath and bodywork together, this helps create a healthy, synergistic body and mind relationship.

9. Improves sports performance

Many sportsmen and women find that their body is misaligned due to the one-sided nature of certain sports e.g. swinging a tennis racket or golf clubs.

Pilates helps develop muscular symmetry, alignment and flexibility. This helps balance the body and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

10. Increases flexibility

Joseph Pilates said: “true flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.”

So rather than saying you can’t do Pilates because you are not flexible enough, you practise Pilates to improve your flexibility.

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